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Our mission is elevating the construction industry

The Construction Trades Education Partnership (CTEP) is a collaboration of the Builders Exchange of Tennessee (BXTN), University of Tennessee Knoxville's Construction Science Program(UTK), and select high schools in the state of Tennessee.

Commercial construction is a vital industry. We don't just build buildings: we build relationships; we build communities; we build careers. CTEP was started in 2018 to promote careers in commercial construction.

We do this in three ways. First, our annual CTEP Career Fair introduces high school students to the many opportunities in commercial construction.

We also have our CTEP Grant & Gift Program that provides both direct financial support and facilitates in-kind donations from the industry to help high school construction trades programs.

Finally, our annual CTEP Trades Competition gives high school students the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned in their trades classes, as well as teaching them how to work with other trades under a deadline - essentially, the core task of commercial construction.

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News Coverage of Our 2022 CTEP Competition for Students KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)

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